Nationwide is Green!


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Nationwide is Green!

From protecting your children, to preserving old-growth forests, vinyl is the environmentally wise choice. Our vinyl is safe and non-toxic. It doesn't contain lead or require the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals needed to treat and maintain wood. It's environmentally safe, and because lumber isn't used, trees are left standing. There aren't any chemicals used that might contaminate your yard, and our vinyl doesn't break down when exposed to soil, groundwater or the elements.

Recycled Vinyl

Vinyl products are recycled on a regular basis, both during the manufacture of the finished product (post-industrial) and after consumer use (post-consumer). In fact, vinyl products are especially conducive to recycling because they can be reprocessed using heat with little or no loss of properties. It’s very common for vinyl product manufacturers to simply regrind off-cuttings or off-spec products and recycle them back into the process, creating very little waste. A recent study sponsored by The Vinyl Institute found that, of the 17 billion pounds of vinyl manufactured each year, more than 99 percent ends up in a finished product, not sent to landfills.


Some foreign countries allow lead and other toxic chemicals to be used in vinyl production. At Nationwide, we extrude the vinyl we use to fabricate our fencing. We buy regrind from reliable US sources, and we know what goes into our product. Be sure your fence is safe for you and the environment - buy from Nationwide.