How to Estimate Vinyl Fence Costs


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How to Estimate Vinyl Fence Costs

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Planning Your Project

Step 1: Print the schematic to the left. You may want to print this page as well as a guide.

Step 2: Select your desired fencing style by browsing our website and review the distance between posts. The distance between posts for most of our fences is 6 or 8 feet.

Step 3: Draw a layout of the area to determine the number of fence panels as well as the number and type of fence posts that you will need. Measure off the entire area where you want the fence installed.

Remember, you can cut fence like wood if you end up with a section that is too wide (for example, if you have one section that is 5 feet wide, you can purchase a 6 foot section and cut it down to a 5 foot section).

There are four basic post styles:

  • Line post for use when there will be a fence panel passing straight through each side
  • Corner post for use when there is a 90 degree or right angle turning a corner
  • End post for use at the end of runs or for in-between gates
  • Blank posts for a gate post that is not connected to a fence section, such as when it abuts a building.